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Beginning with our first play day, in September, and for all non-tournament days, all members of PWGA will receive an email TeeTimeHelper “Invite” from PapagoWGAPairings for each week’s play to sign up. RSVP and make your own foursome by selecting a tee-time of your choice. BE SURE TO SIGN UP BY 8:00 AM Wednesday! Note: If play day is on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Friday, the sign-up/cancellation deadline will be approximately 8:00 AM, 2 days prior.

For detailed instructions on the sign-up procedure, click the button.

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No-Show Policy

Click to see the PWGA Policy and Procedures for cancelling if you have signed up, and then need to cancel after the TeeTimeHelper event has locked.

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Speed up Play

For tips how to speed up play at Papago Golf Course




The Ringer Tournament is a season-long event, where players record their best score on each hole. Ringers are recorded in a special event maintained by the Papago Professional Staff for us in Golf Genius. All PWGA members are automatically entered in this event, and winners are announced at the end of the season.


For questions, please contact

Ringer Chair Doris Thompson.

Closest to the Pin

POD events include a Closest-to-the-Pin contest on all four Par 3 holes. CTP has two flights: Flight 1 for handicap indexes 0-14.9, Flight 2 for handicap indexes 15.0 and up. There will be two signs at each green, one per flight. We have measuring tapes that clip onto the flagstick and can quickly measure more than one ball by spinning around the flagstick. One person can perform this operation if needed, no one needs to hold the tape end at the hole. The “proxy” (proximity) signs remain on the fringe of the green.



Papago Greens Fees

October 2, 2023 – May 31, 2024 (daily)

City card walking – $50 + tax ($56.30)

City card riding – $65 + tax ($72.59)

The fee to purchase ($50) or renew ($30) a City card will remain the same.