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Play is governed by the USGA rules of golf. Additionally, please use the following PWGA local rules.  



RELIEF FROM A SPRINKLER HEAD NEAR THE GREEN: For relief from a sprinkler head that interferes with line of play, the sprinkler head must be within 2 club lengths of the green and your ball must be within 2 club lengths of the sprinkler head. Free drop, nearest point of relief, 1 club length.


RELIEF FROM CART PATHS:  All areas considered a cart path are defined only as pavement OR gravel.  FREE RELIEF - Obstructions Rule 6. Nearest point of relief plus one club length. 


NO FREE RELIEF FROM DIRT PATHS AND TIRE TRACKS: No free relief from DIRT paths. And no free relief from tire tracks on dirt paths or ANYWHERE on the course unless marked as GUR with white lines. 


RELIEF FROM SOD SEAMS - You may take FREE RELIEF if your ball comes to rest specifically in the seam of a newly sodded area. Drop 1 Club Length from nearest point of relief, but must remain in sodded area.


DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: Allowed in all PWGA events providing they do not measure wind and/or elevation. Rule 4


CADDIES - Caddies are not allowed for any of our 4 major events.


Hole #11 - The water in front of the green is a Yellow Penalty area (not Red)

You may not take a drop where your ball enters the water near the green. You MAY use the drop area OR proceed under the yellow penalty area relief. You must hit across the water again. Rule 17


Hole #12 - the fenced area on the left of the fairway is an immovable obstruction. Free relief for swing and stance only, not line of sight.  Rule 16





LOST OR OB BALL: You MUST re-tee from the tee box or from the spot of your previous stroke if not the tee box. 1 stroke penalty – so if re-hitting from the tee box, you are hitting your 3rd shot. If you are in doubt about finding your ball, PLEASE HIT A PROVISIONAL before you go look for your ball. You can only look for your ball for 3 minutes – then hit your provisional ball. If you happen to find your 1st ball after you hit your provisional – too late – the provisional is in play. Provisional balls speed up play. Rule 18


OUT OF BOUNDS: Perimeter fencing surrounding the golf course. Out of bounds is defined by the inside points off fences and posts. Rule 18


PENALTY AREAS: Are identified by red or yellow stakes and/or lines. Use the line if available, otherwise use the stakes for relief reference.  Rule 17


IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS:  All control boxes and weather stations are obstructions. Swing and stance relief, plus one club length only, NOT line of sight.  Rule 16


GROUND UNDER REPAIR: Must be defined by white lines or specific sign. Rule 16


LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS: Loose impediments may be removed from bunkers and all penalty areas. Rule 15


BALL ACCIDENTALLY MOVED ON THE PUTTING GREEN: No penalty ON THE GREEN if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, partner, opponent or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or marker must be replaced. Rule 15


BALL ACCIDENTALLY MOVED DURING SEARCH: There is no penalty if you or anyone else moves your ball during a search. Simply replace it. Rule 7.4


DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE: In stroke play, a player may play a second ball under Rule 20.1c(3)


Inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to: abusive and vulgar language, non-compliance with PWGA By-laws, Standing Rules, USGA Rules, property destruction, I.e. throwing or breaking clubs, will result in disciplinary action by the PWGA committee.

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